Education and Live Training

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  • Education
    Connect with other cultures

    We offer world-class communications expertise from cross-cultural communications to language training.

  • Training
    Winning strategies in a changing world

    We understand that a successful mission hinges on the preparedness of our clients.

  • Facilities
    Prepare for what Lies ahead

    We empower your team with state-of-the-art training tools, techniques and facilities.

  • On-line learning
    Empower your Team

    Incorporate online training as part of a comprehensive strategy that enhances learning and engages the audience for organizational effectiveness.


How it works

It’s easier than ever to enroll in an existing Oak Grove course or to customize a course specific to the needs of your group. Simply select a category on the left. Browse the list of courses and ADD any that fit your needs. You can even build your own training. Select a category then select Custom Solutions and tell us what you're looking for in a course. Once your list is complete, submit your information and we will contact you with more details. You will be able to finalize your selections with a representative.