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International Studies

Conducting Regional / Country Studies

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IS 201
32 hours

Introduction to Country Studies, IS 101 or any of the Regional Introductions (IS 103 to IS 108)

This course is a continuation of the country studies and analysis program which began with the Introduction to Country Studies (IS 101) or any of the Regional Introductions. It further develops the focus area with more in-depth research conducted by the traveler utilizing the Political / Military factors or PMESII-PT which represents that country’s Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, Informational, along with their Physical Environment & Time factors.  This course is designed to assist the business traveler in gaining the most out of their international travel experience.  Students will be searching for and highlighting the country issues that will affect their travels.  Instruction in each area will be conducted during the day with research projects assigned to each student team nightly. Material available to the general public through the State Department and other open-source internet sites will be utilized to describe the most recent issues/incidents in each country’s PMESII-PT area. The students will be familiar with the PMESII-PT analytical model to analyze a specific country.