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Cultural Studies

Cultural Comparisons between US and the Middle East

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CS 303
4 hours

Introduction to Cultural Comparisons

This class conducts an in-depth comparison contrasting Middle Eastern culture with American culture.  The instructors highlight the major differences found between the two focus cultures and possible courses of action in what to do about them.  The evaluation criteria presented in the previous course is tailored to both the Middle East and to the United States with examples provided.  Power Distance, Uncertainty Avoidance, Individualism versus Collectivism, and Gender Gap are all explained in the context of day-to-day life in both areas, focusing on Equality versus Hierarchy, Direct versus Indirect, Individual versus Group, Task versus Relationship and Risk versus Caution. This class, through practical exercises, will help the student to understand the differences in values found between these two cultures and how to mitigate these differences when conducting meeting foreign representatives.  The desired end-state is to assist the student in understanding the differences in cultures and using that knowledge as a tool to build meaningful relationships with individuals from the Middle East.