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Cultural Training Site

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The Cultural Training Site includes four simulated villages, each containing five to nine structures. These villages replicate regional world settings in authentic detail and allow the immersion and training—linguistic, cultural, and tactical—of students in realistic foreign physical and cultural environments.

Our faculty of native speaking instructors, cultural specialists, and role players create realistic training in any world language and any global region. Classroom instruction facilities are available near the villages.


  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Culture-Specific Scenarios
  • Regional Authenticity
  • Linguistic Proficiency Enhancement
  • Negotiation Strategies & Techniques
  • Social Mediation & Conflict Resolution


  • Curriculum Developers
  • Linguists and Pedagogical Experts
  • Communication/Logistics Specialists
  • Scenario Writers
  • Instructors
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Cultural Specialists
  • Role Players