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LE 103
Five (5) Days

Active LE

The modern law enforcement tactical team has evolved into a specialized, professional entity entrusted to resolve a myriad of complicated tactical situations.  Integral to the effectiveness of any tactical team is the incorporation of a trained Sinper/Observer team,  capable to accurate reporting and accomplished in delivering long range, precision fire at positively identified targets.  This class will emphasize the fundamentals of precision rifle marksmanshop, along with basic sniper tradecraft by using classroom and firearms range instruction and practical exercise application.  This course can be modified to the ordering agency's requirements.  Pricing does not include ammunition and other related expendables.  The ordering agency is also responsible for providing students with a modern scoped tactical rifle and a rifle data book.

Course Content:

  • Practical rifle handling, safety, care and cleaning
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Zeroing a sniper rifle
  • Various shooting drills designed to enhance marksmanship fundamentals
  • Position shooting camouflage techniques
  • Urban and rural hide consideration
  • Observation techniques
  • Reporting procedures