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Course number and section: 
LE 201
Five (5) Days

LE 102 or equivalent professional training course on same subjects

This is not a basic handgun fundamentals class.  Since this course will focus on the effective deployment of a handgun in a stressful, uncertain, tactical environment, the student must have mastered basic handgun handling skills prior to attending this challenging class. The student can expect to be exposed to rapid, speed shooting concepts during this intensive course and will be provided with the foundation necessary to prevail in a deadly force encounter.  Although the instructional topics primarily address tactical response situations and instinctive shooting, the specific course contact can be modified to the ordering agency's requirements.  Pricing does not include ammunition and other related expendables.

Course Content:

  • Review of the fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Correction of grip, stance, and trigger control issues
  • Improving the reload
  • Driving the gun
  • Sight and recoil management in rapid fire
  • Movement techniques: Position to position/Shooting on the move/Moving targets
  • Multiple target engament tactics
  • One handed weapon operation/manipulation
  • Unsupported shooting