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Law Enforcement


Course number and section: 
LE 203
Five (5) Days

LE 109 or equivalent professional training course

Since law enforcement tactical teams are required to address increasingly complicated situations in a variety of locations and wather conditions, it is critical that the law enforcement Sniper/Observer be armed with the necessary skills to efficiently resolve the challenges posed by these scenarios.  This challenging and physically demanding course will expose the student to the advanced sniper filed craft and precision rifle shooting techniques that must be mastered by the law enforcement Sniper/Observer.  The student must have a solid foundation of the tactical, scoped rifle marksmanship fundamentals and must be in good physical condition in order to participate in this course.

Course Content:

  • Sniper field craft
  • Camouflage techniques for equipment and personnel
  • Ghilly suit considerations and/or construction
  • Tactical movement (stalking) techniques
  • Range estimation
  • Moving target engament
  • Land navigation
  • Position shooting