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Security Studies

Introduction to Strategic Communication (US Embassy)

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SS 140
8 hours

This class will introduce the student to an overseas US Embassy or Consulate.  We will describe the processes and components that the traveler will encounter when accessing a US Embassy to receive help for a number of issues such as a lost passport, being the victim of a crime, or being accused of committing a crime in a foreign country.  This course will introduce you to the the USMC Detachment, the Councilor officers, other Department of State resources including USAID and Law Enforcement organizations.  This class will also introduce corporate representatives to the Joint Interagency Intergovernmental Multi-national (JIIM) Force environment.  The intent of the class is to introduce and describe the working environment found within the US Embassy, detailing organizational culture found there with the US Department of State to assist the traveler when dealing with personal or professional issues.