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Instructor Training Course: Basic, Phase I

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SS 160
40 hours

This course is the basic course in the ITC series and is the comprehensive core course that trains instructors to deliver subject-focused training to students in the traditional classroom setting and conducted using the concepts of "learning by doing".  This specific ITC is a five day, forty (40) hour course designed to teach personnel selected as instructors how to prepare and present a quality training session. OGITC emphasizes learning by doing. The course presents definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used to present instruction and provide insight into how adults learn and develop as individuals.  OGITC also addresses how instructors motivate students and help solve performance problems using positive reinforcement and counseling.  Through classroom discussions, homework and peer instruction, individuals will learn how to construct a lesson plan, conduct presentations, address questions and reinforce their personal instructor style through conducting daily presentations. Student presentations are also recorded and played back for the student to conduct a self-critique.