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Security Studies

Resistance and Personal Protection for High Risk People

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SS 171
20 hours

During this course, students will be taught the tactics, techniques and procedures on how to survive while being held as a kidnap victim and / or hostage.  Topics will range from physical, mental and emotional preparation for captivity.  This course is intended to prepare the student for the worst case situation of becoming a captive and how to survive this ordeal.  Techniques will be demonstrated on how to communicate and resist your captor’s attempts at exploiting you.  All classes will be followed by practical demonstration in the resistance lab (which is a follow on course).  Students will reinforce their classroom experience with both positive and negative reinforcement in the resistance lab by instructors placing them in crisis situations.   Subjects covered will include:  How to Survive capture and captivity;  Organize for the “worse” case;  Be Cognizant of your situational awareness and using it to your advantage;  Accessing your captors behavior in different environments;  Identify the psychological effects that captivity presents and developing coping mechanisms.