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Interpreter Management Practical Application

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SS 205
20 hours

Introduction to Interpreter Management / # SS 105 WL105

This class is a continuation of Introduction to Interpreter Management and puts all of the techniques discussed into a practical application exercise using language qualified Subject Matter Experts in the Oak Grove Cultural Villages.  This exercise is designed to show travelers the techniques used when using an interpreter along with giving them practical experience prior to  visiting foreign countries.  The intent of the class is to provide practice for the traveler and build confidence in their ability when using an interpreter to conduct meetings, briefings, classes, or any type of activity when working with host nation personnel who do not share a common language. All of the techniques are demonstrated by instructors addressed in the introduction. The student then practices with their SME which is coached and mentored by the instructors. The end-state will see students who know how to select, vet and utilize an interpreter to support their goals while visiting foreign countries. Cross-referenced with World Languages 205 (WL 205).