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Applied Team Building and Animal Packing (10 day course)

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SS 258
174 hours

Week one of this course is the same as SS 156 and will introduce the student to the basic concepts of animal packing.  These basic techniques must be mastered before the student can move on to any advanced packing tactical operations considering terrain, weather, or low visibility operations in difficult territory.  Subjects will address animal configuration and maintenance including basic animal first aid, equipment types and maintenance, packing of side and top loads, and animal handling and movement techniques. This course is conducted in both the classroom and field environment in daylight hours and moderate terrain.  The second week will focus on the further application of the basic techniques and, specifically, how to pack difficult loads and recover from animal incidents and wrecks in difficult terrain.  It will also address carrying special loads to support specific team goals.  Considerations for working at different altitudes and terrain will be presented along with the equipment and training necessary to do so as a team.  However, this is an introduction and additional courses focusing on specific types of terrain, climate and weather will follow and will be tailored to meet specific requirements.  The last five days of the course will be spent in the field establishing night camps and moving from point to point. Teambuilding is also built into the course stressing team work. This course is not intended to make experts of the students but to introduce them to the basic concepts of animal packing along with many aspects focusing on teamwork.