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Survival and Evasion Personnel Recovery Field Training (civilian)

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SS 270
80 hours

Survival & Evasion Training Course (civilian), SS 160


Have you ever wondered how you would do in a survival situation? What was it like for pilots who were shot down behind enemy lines?  Could you survive and evade an “enemy” trying to hunt you down and capture you?  This course is made for people who have wanted to test themselves in extreme situations without actually risking their lives during the experience.  The focus of this exercise is to provide individuals a realistic test of what they have learned in SS 160, Survival & Evasion Training.  Day one has instructors teaching a refresher of SS 160 going over key points of Survival Techniques and Evasion Tactics.  From that point the student is placed in an Evasion Corridor with an objective to reach and a time limit to accomplish the “mission”.  The desired end state is the successful recovery of the isolated person.  Subjects covered are:  physical and psychological health needs;  care and use of clothing;  shelters and fires;  procurement and preparation of food and water to meet needs;  selection and use of signaling devices;  navigational techniques to include walking techniques, burden carrying, position identification using map and compass, developing and maintaining a route of travel, and the use of natural navigational aids to reach specified evasion destinations; camouflage, concealment and specialized movement techniques both team and individual to avoid detection. Other classes include:  environmental considerations, field expedient packs,  personal survival items, and tracker evasion.