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Instructor Training Course: Foreign Instruction Phase III

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SS 360
40 hours

Both the Basic & Career Skills Instructor Training Course

This course is phase III of the Oak Grove Instructor Training series and will focus on the education of foreign counterparts or host nation personnel in specific career skills tasks and construction of a sequenced Period of Instruction (POI) for them to successfully accomplish their job.  This course is focused on such factors as language, culture, education, and other issues that will affect how a foreign student receives and comprehends information.  This course also addresses selection, vetting, and use of interpreters in supporting career skills instruction.  Other subjects include:  Use of an interpreter, how to communicate effectively through interpreters, teaching through interpreters and the cultural hazards of using interpreters as intermediaries.  This course also uses the concept of "learning by doing" by having language qualified subject matter experts fill the role as interpreters.  This ITC is a forty (40) hour course and will be conducted over five (5) days.  Each student will design a POI and utilize an interpreter to demonstrate proficiency in teaching through them.  OGITC emphasizes learning by doing. The course presents considerations, definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used to present career skills instruction to foreign students who do not share the same language. This course will also provide insight into how specific foreign cultures receive information and learn.  OGITC will also address how instructors motivate foreign students and help solve performance problems using positive reinforcement and counseling. Student presentations are also recorded and played back for the student to conduct a self-critique. Through classroom discussions, homework and peer instruction, individuals will learn how to construct a POI with lesson plans, conduct presentations, address questions and reinforce their personal instructor style through conducting daily presentations through interpreters.